About Me:

My name is Alex Jackson. I’m a young and budding developer for the Mac and I am currently learning Objective C. So far, I’ve made a few applications that I’ve publicly released. All of them deal with numbers and mathematical operations since I’m a bit of a maths lover. I’m also a lover of physics, especially astrophysics and hope to soon go to university to study astrophysics.

About This Blog:

The idea of this blog is to allow me to write about code! More specifically, I plan to write programming tutorials mainly focusing on Mac OS X development. I also plan to use this blog to communicate new releases and updates to applications to more people than I previously could.

Additional Websites:

Twitter: alexjohnj

GitHub: shadowhawk2008

Old Blog: SimpleCode (Tumblr)


Interested in donating to me? Please see this page for more information. Thank you!


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